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  • Is it free to list my project and receive quotes on Workbook?

    Our services are completely free for individuals to use.

  • Why do I have to create a user account to publish a project?

    Your user account is essential as it allows you to:

    • Manage your projects
    • view your submissions
    • choose how to receive submissions by email/SMS
    • communicate with contractors through a messaging system
    • keep in memory your completed projects / received submissions
    • view the entrepreneurs portal
  • What happens when my project is published?

    Your project will be sent directly by Email/ SMS to the members of our network, according to the category of work involved. Through this platform you will receive estimates from contractors available to work on your project. You will also be able to view their company profile as well as their achievements.

  • Who are the contractors of the Workbook network?

    The qualified contractors in our network are all part of a recognized Professional Association in the Construction Industry. They offer you quality services, comply with the various laws and regulations and keep their skills up to date.

  • Why must our contractors be part of a recognized association?

    By being part of an association each member must have a license from the RBQ (régie du bâtiment du Quebec) and have a clean file with the Office de la Protection du Consommateur.

    Also each contractor is accompanied by his Association in order to be up to date in the Industry.